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Swampland Guest Patsy Glenn Writes about Brandon Sparkman and "Called to Jackson"

Posted: Feb 24, 2012

My long-time friend Patsy Glenn is a freelance writer residing in Florence, Alabama.
Glenn joins Swampland to talk about a local hero, Brandon Sparkman, and his recently published book Called to Jackson, Mississippi: The Last Bastion of Segregation (iuniversePress, 2011).

Glenn's article "What Does the Lord Require of You But To Do Justice...?" appeared this week in the Courier Journal (Florence, Alabama, February 22) and is reprinted here on Swampland courtesy of Tom Magazzu, editor of the Courier Journal.

 Magazzu also sent me the following quote from Sparkman's book: "Seated beside a call-radio host, microphone inches from my mouth, I faced the most unpleasant hours of my entire life....I was unaware of the hatred and vociferous vindictiveness so-called civilized city people were capable of exhibiting...." (page 85 of Called to Jackson, Mississippi: The Last Bastion of Segregation)

In honor of Black History Month, Swampland takes pride in paying tribute to Brandon Sparkman, a man who took on a very big job in a very troubled time in a very dangerous place.

Patsy Glenn, who has always championed progressive causes (because it is the right thing to do), holds a BA in English from Athens State University and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Vermont.  One of her articles, "Iron Horse" about the Muscles Shoals bluegrass band by the same name, appeared in the February issue of Bluegrass Unlimited.

----Penne J. Laubenthal
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      "What Does the Lord Require of You But to Do Justice...? by Patsy Glenn

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