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SPF's Week Two Monday: Playmakers making plays

Posted: Sep 17, 2007


Our theme for this week is similar to last week's - the importance of playmakers.  In the Footprint, we all love great coaches.  We all love great schemes.  However, it usually comes down to the talent under the helmet. 

With Washington playing tonight, the SPF slate is still unfinished, but the playmaker theme rang throughout yesterday's games - both in a good and bad way.

Winners - Tampa Bay, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville

Losers - Miami, Carolina, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tennessee, Cincinnati, St Louis

Too many of this week's winners and losers came down to the playmakers - using them, not using, or just not having enough.

A word to the SPF coaches, stop focusing on your system and figure out how to get your best players the ball.  Sometimes its that simple.  Vince Young might have been on the losing end yesterday, but at least Jeff Fisher knows how to use him properly.  He's a threat. 

But what of Miami's Ronnie Brown or St. Louis's Steven Jackson?  Cameron and Linehan, respectively, can't seem to make these guys productive.

SPF fans want to watch great players making plays.  They don't want to watch a team struggle, and then listen to a coach talk about execution afterwords.

Monday's Fishwrap-up

Houston Chronicle:  After years of having David Carr shoved down his throat, Richard Justice is happy to have Matt Schaub to cheer.

St Louis Post Disptach: Jeff Gordon has Scott Linehan on the hot seat.  Bernie Miklascz finds Linehan under fire as well.  Meanwhile, Bryan Burwell just bashes the offense in general. 

Miami Herald:  Dan LeBatard and Armando Salguero say the Dolphins are bad, and they don't like they are getting any better.  Things are so bad Dallas fans overwhelmed the home Miami crowd leavng Greg Cote pining for Ricky Williams.

Ft Worth Star-Telegram:  Randy Galloway has the "Romo Romance" in high gear.

Florida Times-Union:  Sam Borden may just be happy with a win, but Gene Frenette knows that the Falcons weren't much of a test for the Jags.

Charlotte Observer:  Scott Fowler is worried about finding a complement to Steve Smith.  It didn't take long for the hope to fade in Panther country, huh?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Terrence Moore likes Petrino's candor while Jeff Schultz wants a litte (negative) attention paid to GM Rich "Teflon" McKay

Nashville Tennessean:  Joe Biddle marvels at the Colts methodical winning as David Climer wants a little more than a great effort from the Titans - a win.

Cincinnati Enquirer:  Paul Daugherty says Carson Palmer's great numbers are hollow without a win. 

Tampa Tribune:  Whie Joe Henderson focuses on the Bucs' big play day,  Martin Fennelly talks about his town's football hunger finally getting a proper meal.

Indianapolis Star:  Bob Kravitz shows concern about the Colts close win.

New Orleans Times-Picayune:  Peter Finney calls out Sean Payton while John DeShazier calls out the rest of the team.


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