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SPF Daily Rating: Are the Cowboys and Texans Going In Opposite Directions?

Posted: Oct 06, 2009

As always, there is panic in Cowboy Nation.

Panic like this always ensues when their beloved team isn't undefeated or at least in the top half of the NFL.  Right now, the Cowboys are 2-2 and look like a middle of the pack team based on the teams they've beaten and the teams they've lost to.

However, the one difference about the questions regarding this year's team come from the fact that QB Tony Romo, once an assumed fixture for the next 5 or so years under center, now looks lost to many that follow the Cowboys.  Randy Galloway, for example, is wondering if Romo can even make basic passes on a regular basis.

Making matters worse for Jerry Jones is that the Houston Texans are also 2-2 coming off of an 8-8 season.  They look like they are making improvements each week.  While not a Super Bowl contender by any means, the Texans seem to be a solid team.

Richard Justice points out that the defense is finally showing some signs of improvement as well.  Considering the effectiveness of the Texan offense, this bodes well for the immediate future.

Everyone knew that 2009 was a make or break year for Wade Phillips.  The question was how much would change if Wade were replaced.

Could the Cowboys be looking for a new QB along with a new head coach for 2010?

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