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Sad To Hear About Michael, But Farrah Fawcett Was My "Thriller"

Posted: Jun 25, 2009

It has been one hell of a day for the pop culture world. Just moments ago I learned that Michael Jackson has died following a cardiac arrest at age 50.

No matter what the “King of Pop” did during his lifetime, his eccentricities and alleged crimes, which may or may not be true, he was definitely one of the most popular entertainers of our lifetime.

For me, my favorite Jackson was little Michael, when he fronted the Jackson Five. That was some good stuff. Back during a time when my buddy Larry and I were cruising Spartanburg in his Chevelle Malibu and cranking the 8-track player, we played as much Jackson Five as we did Allman Brothers and Alice Cooper.

Michael was one of two seventies icons we lost today.

Farrah Fawcett, the beautiful blonde Texas born actress died today at age 62 after a long bout with cancer.

When her best selling swimsuit poster appeared in 1976, I was a high school senior, and like every other red blooded teenager, I had it hanging in my bedroom. Farrah, who had obviously just come out of a cold pool, really contributed to my sexual awakening.

She was so hot, I even tolerated the Charlie’s Angels TV show just to gawk at her, and was first in line, along with pal Bill Hudson, to see the  1976 sci-fi film “Logan’s Run.”

Like Jessica Lange, I felt her acting skills were weak at best during the mid-seventies, but just like Jessica, Farrah got better at her craft. Much better. She starred as a battered wife in the 1984 TV movie "The Burning Bed," which earned her an Emmy nod. I remember when it aired. It was a Farrah far removed from the huge blonde mane I remembered.

If that role was a major change, her role opposite Robert Duvall in “The Apostle” was light years removed from her Jill on Angels. It was a small but powerful role for Farrah, and my all time favorite performance by her in one of my favorite films, where she shared the screen with June Carter Cash, Billy Joe Shaver, and Billy Bob Thornton.

I am very sad to lose Michael, but with Farrah, I feel every teenage boy of the seventies is a little broken hearted. After all, in our dreams, she was our girl.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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tuckerhead says...

Farrah was the shit in 76. I had the poster too.

michaelbuffalo says...

Ha! I knew I was not the only one!

copperhead says...

Yea I had that poster also and I admit that I would play the Jackson 5 when my southern rock brothers where not looking

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