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Ryan Bingham's Ascent Into The National Spotlight

Posted: Feb 22, 2010

Texas Songwriter Wrote Theme Song for Jeff Bridges Film Crazy Heart

A few years back, Ryan Bingham’s Mescalito hit the streets. Last year, Roadhouse Sun was released, but not until Bingham’s song, “The Weary Kind”, appeared in the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart did national light shine on Bingham.

Bingham co-wrote “The Weary Kind” with T-Bone Burnett. Director Scott Cooper even chose a small role for Bingham in the film. None of this is too far of a stretch for the Texas songwriter since he used to ride bulls on the rodeo circuit between playing gigs. It became apparent a while back that Ryan Bingham’s rodeo circuit days are long behind him. Seek out his work...

James Calemine

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