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Rare Tommy Talton Acoustic Trio Videos

Posted: Jan 06, 2009

The Tommy Talton Band is one of the best groups playing today. The former partner of Scott Boyer in the Capricorn Records recording outfit Cowboy sounds better than ever, and on this January 3rd gig at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega, Georgia, the boys go acoustic, sans drummer, and the results speak for themselves in these cool YouTube videos.

Included is a rare version oif the Cowboy hit "Please Be With Me," written by and normally sung by Scott Boyer, Tommy pulls it off nicely. I believe you'll enjoy these smooth grooves as much as I did.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern. Buffalo


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sarasmile says...

This man is damn good. Always has been. I saw Cowboy at the Filmore. They were great.

Ironman says...

Tommy Talton is one of the most talented individuals in all of music. i just wish more people knew this.

TRTim says...

'bout 1970 I sat in TT's loft apartment off Winter Park Ave. & listened to Tommy & an Ovation acoustic make music. The young man was great then and has only gotten better. In a world where egos often outshine talent, I think Tommy's the exception. He was and I'm sure still is, a truly nice guy...

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