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Rare Bonnie Bramlett Video

Posted: Jul 08, 2008

Every Bonnie Bramlett fan knows that Bonnie was a regular on the old Roseanne TV show during the eighties, but how many remember who pleyed her husband on that show? It was none other than David Crosby, and one night at the very end of an episode, we were all treated to a short but very sweet duet between Bonnie and David.

Some very cool person posted that duet on YouTube, and I thought y'all would like to see it.

The second video is a sweet bonus. Ms. Bonnie teaching advanced songwriting at Kids on Stage in Tennessee with Alex Harvey. Good stuff.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.





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jimmyjams says...

Good stuff. Bonnie seems to be a real kind hearted sweetie.

sarasmile says...

Bonnie Bramlett is BEAUTIFUL.

waynep says...

My God Buffalo, thanks for posting these. I love Crosby, but the thing with the kids and Bonnie and the Sensational Alex Harvey ripped my heart out. How absolutely beautiful.

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