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Randall Bramblett Week Kicks Off at Swampland.com

Posted: Aug 25, 2008

Hi guys. I hope you will check out my review of the new CD from Randall Bramblett, Now It's Time. It is a cooker. Randall recently had a big CD release party in Athens that was a major event, covered by our own James Calemine.

Come tomorrow, I will be conducting our long anticipated interview with Bramblett, and we should have it ready by the weekend. I hope you will check it out.

Keep it Real. Keep it Sourthern.


BRAMBLETT CD RELEASE PARTY IN ATHENS - Pictured are (l-r): UGA's Bruce Burch, New West Records CEO George Fontaine, New West Records' George Fontaine Jr., Randall Bramblett, New West Records' Peter Jesperson, Locos Grill Franchise COO Jamey Loftin and BMI's David Claassen.

Photo by Daniel Peiken

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bburch says...

great article on randall, buffalo!!

stellaguitar says...

I can hardly wait to read the interview. I loved his playing with Sea Level.

jimmyjams says...

Randall is classic. I look forward to your interview.

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