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Quarternotes: News From The World of Gritz

Posted: Dec 28, 2009

The always amazing Billy Joe Shaver is set to launch several shows of what he calls "Bottom Dollar" Concerts - only charging a buck for admission in these hard times. Shaver’s co-writer on the song “Bottom Dollar,” Alabama native Panama Red is doing a series of special shows in tribute to Hank Williams which will be covered in a special GRITZ report by Dick Cooper.

Good Ol’ Girls is going to New York! The country musical is based on the stories and novels of Jill McCorkle and Lee Smith, featuring songs written by Matraca Berg and Marshall Chapman It’s set to open off-Broadway on February 14th.

The world lost one hell of a songwriter and entertainer this weekwhen Vic Chesnutt died. The Athens, Georgia artist was only 45 yers old. I have been a fan of Vic since I first heard him on a Flagpole Magazine Christmas cassette back in 1992 and then rushed out to buy his album. Vic was also chosen by Billy Bob Thornton to appear in his movie Slingblade. Read more about Vic in Mystery & Manners and be sure to check out Vic Chesnutt’s tiny desk concert from NPR.

There will be a Homecoming Jam at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC tonight, December 28 starting at 8:30.  This historic event will feature a reunion of Capitol recording artists Garfeel Ruff.
Performers include Rickey and Ronnie Godfrey, Frank Wilkie, and Buddy Strong,  original members of Garfeel Ruff; as well as Marvin and Marcus King, the Wolf Man, former Toy Caldwell Band and Marshall Tucker Band member Tony Heatherly, Scotty Hawkins, Ronald Radford, Jimmy Westmoreland, Justin McCorkle, Donnie Duncan, former Marshall Tucker Band member Tim Lawter, Donnie Winters (Winters Brothers) , Benton Blount, Mark McMakin, and many others. For more about this homecoming jam, go to Mark McMakin's myspace page.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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rebyll says...

Lord, I'd loved to have been there too.....

tuckerhead says...

Sure wish I could be at that Garfeel Ruff reunion.

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