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Paul Hemphill's Fall Tour

Posted: Aug 26, 2008

Atlanta Writer Paul Hemphill's New Book Tour

                                                                                       While taking a break from transcribing my interview with UGA Music Business director Bruce Burch, I thought I'd drop a few lines. Atlanta writer Paul Hemphill's new football book on Auburn football--A Tiger Walk Through History: The Complete Story of Auburn Football from 1892 to the Tuberville Era--arrived yesterday. A Foreword was written in the book by Auburn graduate and former UGA football coach Vince Dooley. College football officially begins this weekend...so there will be many football stories on Swampland regarding how athletics play a vital role in in everyday culture. There will be some upcoming music performances set strategically around pre and post football games...More on all that later...

Look for the review of Hemphill's book soon. He'll be doing a short book tour to support his latest publication. I'll speak to Hemphill in a few days and I'll ask him to provide a few past and present football insights for Swampland. This week is really a calm before a storm of 'infotainment' here at Swampland. I'm trying not to get behind on the actual task of writing, transcribing, etc. so I'll cut this short. The Democratic Convention plays on the muted television as I listen to Brightblack Morning Light's debut album--I'll be reviewing their latest CD, set to hit the streets next month, soon. This 2008 fall season will prove interesting to see where history decides to turn. Until Thursday,

James Calemine

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