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Novelist George Dawes Green Today's 'On The Point' Radio Guest

Posted: Jul 28, 2010

George Dawes Green Today's Guest On WBUR.ORG

A couple of months ago I interviewed best-selling novelist George Dawes Green. Green’s book’s The Caveman’s Valentine, The Juror and his most recent work Ravens all experienced great success on the page and the silver screen.

In 1997, Green originated the storytelling club The Moth. Today Green served as a guest on WBUR.ORG ‘On the Point’ radio program hosted by Tom Ashbrook. Green talks about the importance of storytelling within our culture and the vitality of The Moth. Give it a listen. Green has an interesting project for independent Georgia bookstores on the horizon. We’ll have more news on that later, but here’s what he told me in our interview:

"I went on a book tour for Ravens back in July and independent bookstores are in such trouble. In these little towns bookstores are just waiting to die; waiting to be crushed by the new Books A Million down at the mall. That seems to me a tragedy. Independent bookstores should be the center of community life. Physical books have a magic that we lose at our peril. I decided to put together this tour because The Moth has always sold out, no matter where we go. What we’re doing is, we’re putting four or five great Moth storytellers, musicians and a juggler on a painted school bus. We’re going to travel through little towns throughout Georgia on behalf of the independent bookstores. We’re asking people to understand that bookstores are a vital part of the community. We’re inviting people to take a pledge that whenever possible they will buy their books from independent bookstores—not from a chain or downloaded to some electronic pad. I think this is part of the resistance to the technology that has been overwhelming us. Three hours online I go stumbling away and I don’t know where the time went. There’s just not that same rich sense that you get when you spend three hours with a book. We’re just in the beginning stages of organizing. The plan is to do this in October….”

Stay tuned,

James Calemine


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