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New Tommy Talton Album is a Real Treat

Posted: May 24, 2008

I am very excited about the new Tommy Talton release. I have been listening to many of the songs in various states of completion for over a year, and the final album is simply amazing.

Someone Else's Shoes is the first ever release on the Hittin' the Note record imprint, the same folks that give us the magazine of the same name, and boy howdy did they release a winner.

Check out my review here.

As an interesting aside, the cover design holds a couple of secrets that Tommy kindly shared with me. His friend who helped with the cover design added a series of letters and numbers to the side of the front cover. I wondered what they were. The FTT is Tommy's initials, the 010949 is his birthday (January 9, 1949), Oh, and the 10.5? That's Tommy's shoe size.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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outlawcountry says...

I loved Cowboy so I am sure I will love this one. I will be ordering it soon. Thanks man.

jimmyjams says...

Brilliant review. Your writing never fails to blow my mind.

copperhead says...

Outstanding review. I will get the cd. I would give anything to find cds of the Cowboy releases. Know where I can find any??? Any more releases from CRS comimg anytime soon?

tupelohoney says...

Thanks for the review. I will check out Tommy's cd.

coconut1955 says...

Great review Buffalo. Very artistic. I love Talton myself and look forward to hearing the album.

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