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New Free GRITZ Compilation Download Has Arrived!

Posted: Jun 03, 2010

The third "Gritz Stone Ground & Southern" compilation is available for FREE DOWLOAD! 

It features another mixture of legendary Southern rockers along with the very best of the new breed of artists. Barry Lee Harwood, the former guitar slinger of The Rossington Collins Band is back with his first solo album and it’s a good one! Lots of variety, including this country fried track, “Laid Back in the South.”

Nashville’s Ragged Jack is a band on the verge if ever there was one. Excellent songwriting and playing, with Southern Rock influences blending with the sound of today’s country rock.

And speaking of country rock, Candy Coburn is burning up stages all over with her infectious original sound. For our compilation, she picked one of her best, “Big Dream in a Small Town.” So good.

Louisiana man Tom Coerver began his career as keyboard player for national recording band China Sky, a group that also featured future Molly Hatchet member Bobby Ingram. Over the past few years, Coerver has released three amazing self-produced albums from his home studio. Here, Coever burns up both the slide guitar and the B-3 on an amazing instrumental.

Swampdawamp is the fastest rising Southern Rock band in ages, just off the Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Cruise where, according to many, they stole the show. We feature the title track of their latest album here, which also happens to be their new single.

With Mainstream South, there are some major jazzy riffs from former Rossington Collins Band members Barry Lee Harwood and Derek Hess along with keyboardist Steve Perez. This track comes from their album “Speechless.”

The Silver Travis band formed in Spartanburg, SC in the early 1980’s, gaining a large following from Virginia down to Myrtle Beach. The band broke up in the mid-eighties, but re-formed in the mid-2000’s. “You Done Me Wrong,” from their latest album is a prime example of the unique sound of the STB, with influences ranging from fellow home-towners Marshall Tucker to Poco.

Guy Gilchrist is not only an amazing singer songwriter with obvious Johnny Cash influences, he is also the world famous cartoonist of the Nancy comic strip. A man of many talents.

The closing instrumental track from Gritz’s own Buffalo is a guitar workout featuring Smith along with the legendary Pete Carr, the late George McCorkle and Ray Brand and hot Bama picker Danny Hall. Billy Teichmiller plays drums and produced the record. with Owen Brown on bass and Thad Usry on harp.

Gritz is happy to present this free sampling of the artists we write about at Gritz section of Swampland.com. It's our gift to you. Visit our compilation page to read more about the bands, visit their websites and order their albums. Oh, and for the link to the free download!


Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


PS: Want to be included on a future compilation? E-mail me to discuss at michaelbuffalosmith@gmail.com

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coconut1955 says...

This is great! Thank you!

Gilchrist Guy says...

So honored to be included in this compilation of tremndous music! There is no better friend to Southern Rock than Michael Buffalo Smith!

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