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New features added - Music, Discourse, Sports!

Posted: Jun 27, 2007

We at SWAMPLAND.COM just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of new weekly features we are adding to the site.

First, we are going to do a weekly Dispatch about music and movie releases that are Southern in nature.  This allows us to keep everyone up on what's out there each week. 

Our group of releases will not be genre-specific.  For example this week's list has new releases from pop stars like Texas native Kelly Clarkson and cult favorites like Mississipian Steve Forbert to reissues by Tom T. Hall. 

This week's DVD release include Memphis-based film maker Craig Brewer's latest film, Black Snake Moan and a new concert DVD by Jerry Lee Lewis. 

Each week everyone will be able to see the diversity of creativity coming from the Swampland.com footprint. 

Second, we are very pleased to add the Swampland Sports Six-Pack!  Every week Swampland Sports editor, Patrick Snow, will be following the week's biggest Southern sports stories. 

The Six-Pack will allow our readers to follow the big Southern sports stories by reading Patrick's analysis along with links to some of the best sportswriters around the Swampland footprint.

Let us know by commenting whether we have missed any big releases or any big sports stories.  We appreciate your feedback!

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