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My Top 15 Moments from the 50th Grammy Awards

Posted: Feb 11, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised by last night's Grammy Awards show. Celebrating 50 years of Grammy’s, they seemed to pull out all the stops to create a spectacle that would appeal to not only the You Tube generation, but also to us more “mature” viewers.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that this is my first year as a voting member of the Academy of Recording Arts, so I actually helped select the winners. How cool is that? Of course they probably didn’t like my write in votes for The Allman Brothers for best band and Ronnie Van Zant for best male vocalist, but I don’t care. I’ve got to speak my truth.

Here is a list of my personal Top 15 Moments from last night's broadcast. This one was a lot better than the past couple of years. I couldn't even name 15 high points last year.

15. Brad Paisley. He always adds that tongue in cheek element to his songs. Who else would sing a song at the Grammys about ticks? And man oh man can Brad rip it up on the Telecaster.

14. The gospel tribute was pretty awesome, with Aretha Franklin, Bebe Winans and an all star cast making a joyful noise.

13. Foo Fighters rocking the outdoor stage with a full orchestra conducted by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, a man lately seen working with Nickel Creek and hanging out at our very own Merlefest.

12. Country Dierks Bentley joined seventies star Carole King to announce bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs being named as recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award. We love ya Earl.

11. Old school singer Keely Smith dueted with Kid Rock on “That Old Black Magic.” What? Is there anyone alive Bobby Richey has not sung with? Other than me I mean?

10. Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant won Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for his song "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)" with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss.

9. Cher introduced Beyonce, who did a Broadway style introduction for the legendary Tina Turner, who at 68, looked and sounded great. Together, Tina and Beyonce turned out a great “Proud Mary.” When it was all over the camera cut to John Fogerty who was all smiles. Ah, more BMI performance royalties.

8. In an amazing show of synchronicity during the presidential primary season, Senator Barack Obama beat out former President Bill Clinton — as well as Maya Angelou and President, Jimmy Carter — in the Best Spoken Word Album category for the audio-book version of his book "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming The American Dream." A sign of things to come? You tell me.

7. Amy Winehouse live from London, introduced by Cuba Gooding, Jr. Was that Seal singing and dancing backup with the other two cats? Amy is one trippin’ chick.

6. A tribute reel reminded us we lost Lee Hazlewood, Pimp C, Lucky Dube, Hilly Kristal, Don Ho, Dan Fogelberg, Porter Wagoner, Bobby Byrd, Ike Turner and Luciano Pavarotti this year. Of course, there’s no mention of George McCorkle. They’ll be getting a curt e-mail from me.

5. Carrie Underwood performed "Before He Cheats" early in the show in a show stopping rendition with what appeared to be the cast of “Stomp.” Carrie get’s Buffalo’s “Best Legs of 2008” award.

4. The Band got a Lifetime Achievement award. Very cool.

3. Bonnie Raitt introduced John Fogerty, seventy-five-year-old Little Richard and seventy-two-year-old Jerry Lee Lewis, who are still rocking after all these years. Man, these guys have been there, done that. Great jam.

2. Sir George Martin, his son and Ringo accepting the best soundtrack award for Love.

1. Ah, best country award goes to Vince Gill for These Days, kisses his wife Amy Grant, and accepts the award from Ringo, saying “I just got an award from a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet Kanye?” Cut to Kanye West laughing and back to Vince who adds “Just kidding.” Thank God for a little light hearted humor. Leave it to our friend Vince to keep it real.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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coconut1955 says...

I sure wish they would have some southern rock on that damned show. At least have the Allmans play. I am so sick of rap and hip hop. It ain't music as far as I am concerned.

michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks Tuckerhead. To be honest, James Calemine is the resident Black Crowes expert here at Swampland. Even prior to Swampland, James wrote many an article on them for Gritz. I suggest you search the archives and read his cool articles on them, also Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Marc Ford... all good stuff. And check out Mystery & Manners .... It's the remedy!

tuckerhead says...

Nice article. Hey Buffalo, that is a great photo of Chris Robinson on the front page. How about a story on the Crowes??

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