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My Best Super Bowl Sunday Ever

Posted: Feb 05, 2007 What a weekend. I had pretty much decided to lay low and take this Saturday and Sunday to build up to the Super Bowl. Yes, you heard right. The Gritzman loves his Super Bowl.

Oddly enough, I don’t find a lot of time to enjoy football games these days. I am always writing, driving, attending shows, or performing. But that game of all games gets me hooked in every year, no matter who the teams are that are fighting it out for the prize. This year was no exception.

Several of my friends, including Marshall Tucker guitarist Stuart Swanlund, had told me they were all for Chicago, but since my Panthers didn't make the cut, I decided to pull for The Colts, simply because of Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning. I mean, he was born in Nuawlins, and he played ball for Tennessee. A good ol’ Southern boy. Woooo!

I really like coach Tony Dungy as well. He is the epitome of “cool.” He never curses, never screams at the players, but they still won the big game. Amazing.

In a rain-soaked, fumble fest, The Colts emerged victorious with a final score of 29-17. Of course, I had my doubts after that initial kickoff that sent the Bears straight down the field for a T.D. fifteen seconds into the game. Both teams played well, and it really made for an exciting and fun Super Bowl.

Of course, being a music fan, I was all about the halftime show, and Prince rocked the house with a screaming Stratocaster. Actually, he changed guitars three times, I believe. The lights and fireworks, lasers and flash pots must have cost a fortune, but it really was pretty darn cool.

Prince performed under a non-stop torrential (but not purple) rain, delivering a medley that included three songs from his most popular album ever, including “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Baby, I’m a Star,” and a sing-along on “Purple Rain.” Among the surprises during his mini-set, a little bit of “Proud Mary,” and an amazing blues take on “All Along the Watchtower” that really should be on his next record. He also dished out three minutes’ worth of the Foo Fighters’ “Best of You.”

I have seen everyone from Janet Jackson to her brother (what’s his name?)  to ZZ Top do these halftime shows. Prince was the best one ever. That little fella can really rip the guitar like a modern-day Hendrix, man.

Of course I always love the commercials of the Super Bowl. This year had a few hits as well as a few misses. I didn’t like the lions or the apes. Not since the frogs (Budweiser) have talking animals worked for me.

My top commercials: Budweiser’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors;” Bud Light’s “Movie” (hitch hiker); Sierra Mist “Comb over;” Toyota Tundra’s  “Ramp;” Fed Ex “Shipping” (don’t judge by name); Godaddy (obviously); Fed Ex “Moon Office;” and my favorite of all,
Bud Light’s “Reception,” featuring a wedding officiated by an auctioneer so the groom can get to the reception and have a few beers. Funny. All of the commercials from last night can be viewed online here.

So to recap. Good game, lots of rain, lots of fumbles, lots of energy, good rocking half time show, fun commercials. And my own beer and bean dip wasn’t half bad either. Go Colts.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern!

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Scarlett says...

Prince really was great, but I am still waiting to see The Allman Brothers on the half time show.

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