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Montgomery Gentry Coming To Swampland.com

Posted: Feb 09, 2007 I love it when a plan comes together.

Last week I was all set up and ready, locked and loaded, for my big interview with country superstar Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry. As fate would have it, the interview got postponed by the publicist because of something or another, but we rescheduled for Thursday - yesterday - same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Well, I waited for about an hour for my call, and then I heard from the publicist who told me that Eddie was running a little behind with his interviews. Fine, I thought, I’ll just go and make some tea and chill out for a bit. Well, somehow I became lost in the mix of media cats, and some three hours later I had still not spoken to the tall man with the huge hat.

I called the publicist and asked for a re-schedule, since I had to meet my afternoon appointments. Well, sometimes these things are blessings in disguise, because the call I received this morning was from the other half of the superstar country duo, Troy Gentry.

As Troy and I conversed, he told me that Eddie had indeed come into the room, so I could actually speak with both of them. Very cool, since most journalists get to speak with only one member of the dynamic duo.

Both guys were great. I told them that their new album, Some People Change, has to be their best yet, and they both agreed with me. Look for a CD review here in Swampland real soon, and stand by for a very interesting interview with both Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, two guys who are country to the bone with a whole lot of Southern rock influence sprinkled on top.

I generally see the guys every year at Charlie Daniels’ annual bash for the Angelus organization down in Tampa, Florida. They always put on a killer set at the all day country concert, and last January, they joined some of the Marshall Tucker Band guys for a late night jam at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel. Yours truly was honored to jam with the boys. I credit MTB guitarist Chris Hicks, who saw me snapping pictures in the front row (that dual hat thing again) and motioned for me to get up on stage, and then proceeded to take his Les Paul off and strap it around my neck, just as the guys launched into “Can’t You See.”  I was going to politely leave the stage after that, but I couldn’t find Chris anywhere, and then they kicked into their hit “Hell Yeah!” and I just jumped in. What a blast.

The interview will be ready soon. Meanwhile, I suggest you give Some People Change a listen. It’s a good ‘un.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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