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Marc Ford Looks Forward to Texas Shows Later This Month

Posted: Jan 15, 2011

Marc Ford's Fuzz Machine In Texas

Marc Ford will play five shows in Texas this month.  I hope to have my recent two interviews with Ford ready by Monday or Tuesday. For today, I'll include a short excerpt from our recent Q & A sessions pertaining to these upcoming shows in Texas to promote his latest release, Fuzz Machine. Ford's son Elijah plays bass in Ryan Bingham's band, and will join his father for the shows as well as Bingham's drummer Matt Smith. Here's an excerpt:

James Calemine: So, you’re going to Texas…

Marc Ford: Yeah Elijah and Matt have some time off, and they said come to Texas and play some shows. It’s just a glorified excuse to have a good time and play together. Elijah’s going to play bass. We’re going to be a three piece. I want to play Fuzz Machine songs because Elijah was a big part of that record. He played guitar and piano on “Future Too” and “You’re The One”.

JC: I didn’t know he played piano…

MF: Yeah, I didn’t either (Laughs)! He sat down and played piano chords to “You’re the One”. 'When did you learn that? Ok, that sounds good.' He never ceases to amaze me. He's going to sing some songs in Texas...

JC: When do these January-Texas shows begin?

MF: I leave for Texas on the 23rd. I come home the 31st of January. I think there are five shows in Austin, Houston and the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

JC: So, you decided in the last several weeks playing some shows might be a good thing…

MF: Yeah, and it’s Elijah’s birthday as well...

Entire Interview Soon...

James Calemine


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Marc Ford's Fuzz Machine in Athens, GA.

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