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Lynyrd Skynyrd Feedback

Posted: Sep 04, 2009

Hi Guys - Thank you for all of he comments, e-mails and calls regarding my review of Lynyrd Skynyrd's latest album. Seems like our readership is divided about 50/50 on whether ol' Buffalo crossed some imaginary line by having the sheer audacity to criticize anything our boys do.

Well, truth is, I stand by my review. I always called a spade a spade and a diamond a diamond. If I hated it, I would have not reviewed it. That's my rule. I didn't trash the record. I like a lot of it. I only felt that the boys are falling into the Nashville pop a bit on much of the record. Hey, it's my opinion. We can't agree on everything, right?

Still, there were many of you who felt the same way I do. Regardless, I really appreciate all of your feedback.

If you are a Skynyrd fan like me, you'll want to check back in tomorrow when we launch our Skynyrd Six Degrees of Swampland page. This page will feature links to every article, interview and review on Skynyrd from our 11 years online. I hope you'll check it out.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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coconut1955 says...

I believe there are good songs on each and every Skynyrd album. Well, except maybe for the Christmas album. What were they thinking. I do admire them for supporting the troops! Not everyone can serve, Swiss, but a band like this helping boost morale is excellent! I agree with Copper. Enjoy the music, or don't. Just an individual choice.

OhioGuy says...

Michael, Thanks for calling it as you see it. The original band is gone and so is the sound. That being said they have done some pretty good albums (my fave being "The Last Rebel"). "Edge of Forever" also had some good tunes on it. I haven't bought the last 2 because I think they are veering off into too much new country and a heavy style I don't care for. That being said, there is stuff on all these albums that beats what's out there. Gary has earned this and I hope he continues on forever.

copperhead says...

Wow a little bitter. I am way to old to serve but We do benifits and are working on something that we can do for the wonded worrior program. I hate Kid Rock. but it introduced them to a younger generations. They are not trying to be Ed Kigs band. They are trying to find their in a world where Southern rock bands can't get played. Supporting the troops is a resposibilty not a easy way to make friends. Lets Face it all the old southern rock band are not the orginals but they have a right and most often a love for the music. lighten up. I saw Marshall Tuckers and The Outlaws even Blackfoot. The currents bands supporting those names are never going to be as good as the organals but they are out there keeping the music alive. Pop a cold one and forgrt the names, enjoy the music. Its only music.

Swisscheda says...

This band lost their creative edge when Ed King left. Half of "Vicious Cycle" was completely forgettable. The lowest moment of the band's career had to be the remake of "Gimme Back My Bullets" featuring Kid Rock. Wow, was that horrible. I love it when bands like this say how much they support the troops. How fake. The best way to support the troops is to BECOME the troops. It's so easy to support the cause when you are too old to serve, huh boys?

stellaguitar says...

Honestly Buffalo, I must agree. My band seems to have been swallowed up by the corporate Nashville bugglegum country industry. I almost expect them to tour with Mr. Cheese, Kenny Chesney!

copperhead says...

Hey I enjoyed the review. I feel sure you were spot on. We all have our taste. I can not listen to the boxmasters but you like them so turn them up and rock on.

Kevin Lynch says...

Got to admire a man who stands by his convictions. A review is supposed to give a critique, not bow to popular opinion. Thanks for being true.

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