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Lonestar 92 is Something Truly Fresh On The Radio

Posted: Apr 24, 2007

There is finally something fresh and new on the radio dial, and the real surprise is that it is a part of the mega-million corporate monopoly Clear Channel, the monolith responsible for the dumbing down of commercial radio in the first place. I never thought I'd say this but, "Clear Channel rocks!"

SIRIUS and XM listen up. This radio is FREE, and streams to your PC (or in my case, MAC) without even a hiccup or delay.

First of all, Dallas, Texas classic rock station KZPS has - as of yesterday- dumped the ultra-boring classic rock format for a fresh new mix of Southern Rock, Outlaw Country and Americana. And I don’t mean the so called “hits” either. Sure they play a few of those, but they also play more obscure album cuts, and the mix is just perfect. There’s very little talk, and get this - no commercials.

They are adopting a whole new way of financing by selling sponsorships. Gone are 30 and 60-second spots and five minute blocks of commercials, replaced by weaving in plugs or quick mentions of sponsors throughout the programming. And each sponsor gets exclusivity in their category. Coors doesn't have to worry about competing against a Bud Light spot,  and you'll hear lots of good things said about Southwest Airlines but no other carrier. Guitar Center and AT&T are also exclusive in their category.

By the way, the spokesman for the station is none other than Willie Nelson. Can you dig it?

Wondering what they’re playing? I have been listening all day long and loving it. Here are just a few tracks played: ZZ Top, "Heard It On The X;" The Highwaymen, “The Highwaymen;” Allman Brothers, "Blue Sky;" Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, “Shakin’ The Blues;” Mountain, “Mississippi Queen;” Marshall Tucker Band, “Blue Ridge Mountain Skies;” Black Crowes, “Thorn In My Pride;” Grateful Dead, “Casey Jones;” James McMurtry, “Memorial Day;” Drive By Truckers “Carl Perkins Cadillac;” John Mellencamp, "Rain On The Scarecrow;" Bob Dylan, "Someday Baby;" Lynyrd Skynyrd, "On The Hunt;" Molly Hatchet, "The Creeper;" Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Pride And Joy; "and tracks from Tom Petty, Uncle Tupelo, Gram Parsons, Arc Angels, Pat Green, Jimmy Buffett, Hank Williams, Jr., Hank III, David Allan Coe, Blackfoot.... do I need to go on?

It has been so long since commercial radio has offered anything of substance that this is a breath of fresh air. I for one hope this trend catches on. It could make descent radio free once again, like it should be. Go, Willie. Go!

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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