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London Calling Thomas Wynn & The Believers

Posted: Jun 02, 2010

Thomas Wynn & The Believers are one of the tightest Southern rock bands on the scene today, and boy howdy do they come by it honestly.

Front man Thomas is the sun of former Capricorn Records artists Cowboy’s original drummer, Tom Wynn. The Florida-based band is one of the hardest working acts in show biz, and tomorrow night they will appear in an all-star lineup at BAMA JAM in Enterprise, Alabama. They are also working on a new album, which I understand is to be the band’s best yet.

The band is also in the national top ten for Hard Rock's Battle of the Bands. The winner will play Hard Rock Calling in London later this month.  The concert line up is impressive, Sir Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam and others. 

The Hard Rock contest is now to on-line voting.  I personally would like to ask all of our readers to cast a vote for this fine band. Click HERE to vote,  then confirm your vote with an email confirmation sent from Hard Rock. (check your spam folder if you don't get a confirmation). Only one vote allowed per person.  Let’s help this deserving band make it to London.  We’ll be cheering them on from here! Hope these guys Wynn.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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copperhead says...

Soundas like a good one. I will put it on the list

waynep says...

I will; check them out if you say they are good Buffalo they must be great!!

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