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Knock On Wood: Dave Schools On Widespread Panic's Upcoming Wood Tour (Rehearsals)

Posted: Jan 20, 2012

Dave Schools On Widespread Panic's Upcoming Wood Tour

A few days ago, Dave Schools spoke to this writer about Widespread Panic's upcoming acoustic Wood Tour. Panic is now rehearsing for the tour. The first shows of the run begin on January 24 in Washington D.C. Here's a quick transcription regarding the band's rehearsals for this significant string of dates in Panic's history.

JC: It's rehearsal time for Widespread Panic's upcoming Wood Tour, eh?

DS: Yes, it's time to rehearse for this acoustic tour. I'm pretty excited about it. I think it's the most daring and adventurous thing we've done in a really long time. It's coming up.  We'll be rehearsing, and then we'll go up to D.C. and do a couple of acoustic shows. Then Atlanta acoustic shows. Mexico will be the last electric shows. Then six acoustic shows in the Rockies...

JC: The band's instincts should be firing on all cylinders with acoustic instruments in hand...

DS: Oh yeah. What excites me about the acoustic thing is the potential for the future. There's a couple of great afterthoughts. Once we started rehearsing for it, it's like 'Okay, wait a minute, we're working on some new songs.' This whole idea of going straight-up acoustic really distills everything down to an empirical point, if you will. There's no volume to hide behind. No distortion. This is taking it down to where our music really began, which was sitting on the porch on King Avenue (in Athens) playing acoustic guitars and writing songs...

More soon,

James Calemine


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