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Jimmie Van Zant Delivers His Best Album Yet

Posted: Jul 20, 2008

Somebody say Hell Yeah! I have just finished reviewing a straight up redneck rock and roll masterpiece. A Southern Rock opus. An infectious, hard driving, down south jukin,' 100 proof Dixie fried winner. And it was recorded by a VanZant. Imagine that.

My Name is Jimmie comes from Johnny, Donnie and Ronnie's cousin Jimmie Van Zant, and it is a "must have." Take my word for it. If you love that swampy Southern Rock done Jacksonville style, you'll love Jimmie's CD. Read my review here and be sure to give it a listen yourself. It's the beginning of a "Redneck Revolution."

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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copperhead says...

I went to his site to listen to this CD. I loved it. Polk Sally was great. I have often wondered why a southern rocker didn't redo this. It respected TJW but he makes it his own. I emailed asking for a CD . He said they were doing a PG verision and would be a while . Buff I guess he listened to your advise on the GD bombs. This is a really good cd and I will buy it as soon as he puts it out. Best SR cd I have heard in a long time.

copperhead says...

OK Hell Yeah. I'm on it. Can't wait to hear it. Southern Rock needs some young guns to shake it up. I'm with you Jimmy rock on brother

palmettopirate says...

I remember sitting in Lacy Van Zant's living room (the same one I might add where all three of his famous son's grew up and practiced their craft) and we were talking about Jimmy. He said that he and his brother Jimmy's dad (E.C.) had spent so much time and money promoting Jimmy that he'd really like to see him get his due. Well it wasn't long after that my band and I got to open for Jimmy and found not only did he look and sound like his cousin Ronnie but was a super nice guy and a talented musician in his own right. We even jammed together on " Three Steps". What fun that was! Anyway I'm glad to see him getting some much deserved kudos and I can't wait to hear his new CD.

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