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Hughie Thomasson Has Died

Posted: Sep 10, 2007

Hughie Thomasson, founding member of The Outlaws, died at his home in Brooksville, Florida on Sunday, September 9, 2007 following a heart attack. He was 55 years old.

We last saw Hughie rocking the stage at The Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC earlier in the year during Volunteer Jam.

GRITZ will present a memorial page for Hughie soon, as well as more information as it comes in.

God bless you Hughie. Another brother gone.



The Outlaws at Volunteer Jam in Greenville. (Tom Bell Photo)


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darrellc says...

I met Hughie one time when he was with Skynyrd signing their Viscous Cycle cd at the Concord, NC Wal-Mart. Hughie was the first one at the table had a baseball cap that said "I ain't Leonard" written on it but anyway we shook hands and he told me he liked my shirt( i had a Skynyrd shirt on). Hughie signed my cd and i told him i liked his guitar playing and he said thank you. This one guy ahead of me had a guitar and Hughie signed it for him and the guy asked him to play him a little and Hughie did that's the closest i've ever been to any of the pickers and i've seen about all of 'em. I've seen Hughie about 6 times when he was in Skynyrd and i saw him in The Outlaws just 4 months ago at the V-Jam in B-Ham, AL. I like watchin' him play Hughie will be missed big-time. God bless our southern rock brother

michaelbuffalo says...

The outpouring of phone calls and e-mails has been amazing. Hughie was truly loved. I just spoke to the folks that stage The Angelus concert every year in Tampa, which GRITZ always supports. Apparently, Hughie and The Outlaws were going to play this November and he was very excited... I guess God had bigger plans for Hughie. Thank you for all the calls and e-mails. We will do a Hugie memorial page very soon. God bless us all.

wc65 says...

What few times I was around Hughie, he was a solid southern gentleman with true spirit. I honor those moments deeply being that he influenced me so much and gave me inspiration to be a passionate player. I'm sure his legend will also inspire many players to come for years and years. What a southern revival that must be happening in heaven right now... You will be missed Hughie Thomasson Wendell Cox

leftynga says...

We will miss you "Lone Outlaw"!

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