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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Wanted; Wall-E

Posted: Jun 29, 2008

Yet another movie based on a comic book, although this book is not quite as well known as your Iron Man or your Batman. Still, it’s a pretty wicked comic, and the movie brings it to life pretty well, keeping all the action and sexiness of the comic intact. Now don’t think for a moment that you are going into any sort of a believable film here. No sir. Don’t just suspend your disbelief, toss it out an eight story window.

Angelina Jolie puts the “ass” in assassin, burning up the screen with tattooed sexiness and Rambo-like gunplay. James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland, Atonement) is great as the ultimate loser who is about to discover his destiny and go from flat to fluffy after getting his ass kicked repeatedly by his new friends in the Fraternity of Assassins, headed up by none other than Morgan Freeman.

It’s nonstop action from the get go, with lots of shooting, cutting, fighting, stuff blowing up, car chases, foot chases and Angelina Jolie naked from the back (briefly and covered in tattoos, but hey - you take what you can get, right?). A fun filled thrill ride for the action lover, to be sure. Didn’t like the ending, but it still works.


BABEWATCH- Only Angelina can look this good while hanging out a car window going 95 mph and shooting bad guys.

Yet another triumph for Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios, Wall-E tells the story of Earth’s future, and it doesn’t look pretty. The earth has become so trashed that all the humans leave the planet during a five year clean up, and 400 years later they are still in space onboard a flying vacation spot, where everyone just lies around and eats. The whole population has turned into a bunch of morbidly obese chunkys.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Wall-E is the lone survivor, well, other than his friend the cockroach, and over the years has developed a personality, and by watching old movies, a year for companionship.

Enter Eve, a sleek search robot dropped off to look for plant life. Of course Wall-E falls head over half-tracks in love, and together, they must save the day so that the humans can return to the Earth and start over again.

Very good family entertainment. I enjoyed it.


-Reviews by Michael Buffalo Smith

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rebyll says...

I took my 6 soon to be 7 year old daughter Jessica to see Wall.E last Saturday and I think I laughed more than she did. This is by far my favorite Pixar film...... Wall.E rules!!!!!!

tupelohoney says...

Angelina is the hottest. Wonder why she and Billy Bob broke up? Did he ever tell you Buffalo? She might be too much for an older guys heart to take. LOL.

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