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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Sydney White, Eastern Promises, Good Luck Chuck

Posted: Sep 28, 2007

Sydney White

Amanda Bynes, the cutest young actress I’ve seen in years, stars as Sydney White, a girl who has been raised by a single father and his construction worker buddies. She goes off to college to pledge into the same sorority house her late mother joined back in 1980, but runs into the diva queen and class president, Rachel Witchburn, who sets out to make Sydney’s life a living hell. After being rejected by a jealous Witchburn from the sorority, White moves into a dump on campus called The Vortex, where she befriends seven outcasts and sets about changing the whole “blondes in charge” thing by running her new friends for student council. Matthew Long plays Tyler Prince, Witchburn’s ex and Sydney’s love interest. Hmmm... Witchburn, White, Prince, seven outcasts... Yes, there are tons of references to Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs in this fun movie. It’s great to see a PG movie once in a while with great acting and a fun story.

FIve Stars

Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba stars as Cam Wexler, the clumsiest hot girl on the planet. Dane Cook is Charlie Logan, a man who was hexed at the age of ten by a girl practicing witchcraft during a game of spin the bottle. Dan Fogler is Stu, Charlies breast-obsessed life long friend. The slapstick comedy and pratfalls are cornball. The entire film is boring and just plain silly, and even Jessica Alba’s good looks can’t keep my interest for two hours of crap. Sorry guys. This one sucks. No Luck, Chuck.

No Stars



Eastern Promises

This one was really good. Think “Russian Sopranos.” Lots of mob action happening in London. Viggo Mortensen stars as Nikolai Luzhin, the Russian born “driver” for London’s biggest mob boss.

Naomi Watts plays Anna Khitrova, a nurse who just happens to inherit the newborn baby of a slain hooker. But the key to the whole story lies within a diary she also finds on the body of the deceased. It’s a diary that could blow open some dark, sick secrets about the mob boss. Therefore Anna becomes a target, eventually bringing Nikolai into danger as well. Lots of blood, and some of the most violent images on screen since the Saw films, so be prepared. Great story line and excellent acting.

Five Stars


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