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GRITZ Movie Reviews: National Treasure; I Am Legend; No Country for Old Men

Posted: Dec 29, 2007


Nick Cage returns in the sequel to National Treasure. This time, in order to clear the name of his ancestor who has been tied to the Lincoln assassination, Cage and his hommies must kidnap the President of the USA and see his ultra secret book that supposedly contains all the cover ups and conspiracy info from Area 51 onward.

It’s an action packed ride, and I must give a not to actress Helen Mirren who shows up as Cage’s mother. Quite an actor, this lady.

Lots of trap doors, secret walls, hidden passageways - all the stuff we loved in the Indiana Jones movies. Of course, Cage is no Indiana Jones, but the character and acting are quite good, and it makes for a fun ride.

One thing I loved was the return of the Disney cartoon at the beginning of the movie. I have not seen a cartoon at a movie in ages, and the all new Goofy toon is hilarious.

Four Stars



Will Smith sure has come a long way since The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. I  mean, saving the world in Independence Day; saving the world from aliens again in Men in Black; recreating the iconic James West in Wild Wild West; and now saving what’s left of the world as the sole survivor of an apocalyptic virus. Smith is a true action hero.

This is the third time Richard Mattheson’s sci-fi novel has been adapted for the screen, and they did a pretty good job, especially in the depiction of the dark seekers. Of course the scene with Sam the dog - you know the one - is a tear jerker, and many have voiced complaints about the ending of the film, but hey, as Paul Thorn sings, sometimes even heroes die.

Smith does an admirable job, but the film cannot help but be bleak and depressing. After all, that’s the subject matter. A good sci-fi thriller with a few genuine scares.

Three Stars


I have already called this the movie of the year, and it is. Tommy Lee Jones deserves an Oscar, and the whole cast is excellent. Javier Bardem is downright spooky as Anton, the relentless pursuer of the missing stolen money, a man who flips a coin to decide if you live or die. This is a true return to form for the brilliant Coen brothers, with amazing dialogue, a great script and a dark comedy vibe that always draws me into their work.

Absolutely recommended.

Five Stars

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PenneElk says...

Enjoyed the reviews. Hope this means that you are feeling much better. :-)Happy New Year. Penne

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