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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Jumper, Spiderwick & Fool's Gold

Posted: Feb 16, 2008

Hayden Christensen is quickly becoming a sci-fi staple, having rocketed to fame in the role of a lifetime as the young Darth Vader in the two most recent Star Wars films. In Jumpers, Hayden does an admirable job as a boy who possesses a “gift,” the ability to transport from one place to virtually any other place on the planet at will. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that he can “jump” into a bank vault, and jump back out with arm loads of cash.

Soon he is richer than Donald Trump, and ready to hook back up with his childhood sweetheart, maybe jet her away to Rome for the day. Unfortunately for him, he is not the first nor is he the only jumper, and even more unfortunate is the fact that there is a subversive group of fanatics called Palidins who want all jumpers dead. Samuel L. Jackson kicks arse.

Sure, there were some holes in this one, and you really, I mean really, have to suspend your disbelief, but once you understand those rules, Jumper turns into quite a fun trip.

Four Stars

BABE WATCH: Rachel Bilson plays the hottie girlfriend in Jumper. Make your own joke.


Another fantasy in the grand tradition of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, this one features a few really cool CGI characters, nothing on the level of  Pan’s Labrynth, but pretty cool. And the story line is pretty cool. Not to mention the chick from Weeds, Mary Louise Parker, trades in her foul mouth drug dealer character for a three-child single G-rated mom.

The kids will most probably love this one, and honestly there is plenty to keep the adults engaged as well. The story is actually good, and some of the creatures border on believable to the grown ups.

Four Stars


Spooky Contacts: Nick Nolte has one killer scene before becoming just another CGI character.


Kate and Matthew star as a couple in the middle of a divorce when Matthew stumbles upon a relic in the surf that leads to a long buried treasure. Donald Sutherland is a wealthy dude who ends up helping them try and recover the treasure, all the while trying to avoid other parties who want to get to the stash first, including a gangsta rap star and some rednecks on a shrimp boat.

Fool’s Gold is what I like to call a “Sunday afternoon TV movie.” The kind that requires no real brain power, and there’s usually a cute babe for the guys to gawk at. Goldie Hawn’s daughter fits the bill perfectly.

The movie doesn’t suck, but it’s no treasure either.

Two Stars

BABE WATCH: The former Mrs. Chris Robinson. Always easy on the eyes.


All Reviews by Michael Buffalo “Hollywood” Smith

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tuckerhead says...

We went to see Jumper this afternoon. Pretty cool movie. Personally I am waiting for the new Indiana Jones.

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