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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Iron Man is a Heavy Metal Hit

Posted: May 02, 2008

Iron Man may well be the smartest and coolest super hero movie to date, and that is hard to say, considering how big a Batman fan I am. Robert Downey, Jr. does an outstanding job as multi-millionaire military weapons designer Tony Stark, who has a change of heart about the family business (creating weapons of mass destruction for use in war) after being kidnapped and man handled for three months. After building a protective metal suit and escaping his desert dwelling captors, Stark sets about designing a slicker, more powerful suit, and becoming the Iron Man. The Oscar caliber cast includes Terrance Howard, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark’s sexcretary, and Jeff Bridges is light years removed from “The Dude” as the bald headed and two faced right hand man of Stark Industries.

The dialogue is funny and smart, the acting top drawer, and the special effects are done up just right. Lots of explosions, tension, escapes, fights and thrills. Marvel Comics has kicked it up a notch. As a side note, it was a geeks paradise in the theater today with advance trailers that included an all new trailer for The Incredible Hulk, an all new trailer for The Dark Knight and an all new trailer for the new Indiana Jones flick. Too much fun. All of this and a rockin’ soundtrack for Iron Man that includes Black Sabbath and AC/DC.




BABEWATCH: Leslie Bibb provides some, if minimal, eye candy in Iron Man.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in this hilarious comedy about a single working woman who wants a baby very badly, but is physically unable to carry a child. She hires a redneck girl to carry her baby for her, and hilarity ensues. Fey soon finds that her “baby mama” is like living with a child herself, but through all the trials, the ladies form a genuine friendship, and Poehler’s character grows up quickly. All the while, Fey has begun to fall for the owner of a juice shop, played with style by Greg Kinnear. A very funny and just downright fun film.




Sometimes sick, but funny, Harold and Kumar are mistaken for terrorists while on a flight to Amsterdam, and sent by an over the top homeland security guy to Guantanamo Bay prison, where they promptly escape just before being forced to do the unspeakable on a couple of big ass guards. Kumar’s dope addiction is reminiscent of the best Cheech and Chong movies, and the cameo by a would be George W. Bush had me holding my side, I was laughing so hard. Like I say, there is a lot of locker room humor, but if you don’t mind that, come on out for some real laughs. Oh, and there are some pretty cool scenes shot in Alabama and Texas, and the movie comments openly on every stereotype imaginable, including a nice Alabama couple with a secret in their basement.



It’s Obi Wan Kenobi and Wolverine, Ewan McGregor befriends Hugh Jackman who introduces him to the pleasures of an exclusive sex club. Of course, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And things take a sour turn when the nerdy McGregor begins to fall in love with one of the sex club girls. It’s another case of double crossing the double crosser, with ten million dollars in cold hard cash at stake. Lots of steam, lots of action and at least one killer explosion. Not a great film, but enjoyable.




BABEWATCH- Yes, the girl known as "S" is a hottie.

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palmettopirate says...

Yep, Iron Man rock's. Just in case any of you didn't know Robert Downey Jr. is an accomplished musician as well as a great actor!

stellaguitar says...

Buffalo. Saw it tonight and you are once again right on the money. Probably the best comic movie so far, though the Joker and Batman flick looks pretty awesome.

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