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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Halloween Chills, War Rages

Posted: Sep 05, 2007


Rock and roller Rob Zombie has turned into quite a film director, and his take on the 1970’s Halloween franchise proves to be his best yet.

Beginning with Michael Meyers as a ten year old boy, sporting his KISS t-shirt (go figure) and living with his stripper mom, slut sister, a new baby and a useless drunk of a step father, we get a clear vision of the events that helped shape the young psychopath’s mind. From killing small animals to beating a classmate to death with a shovel, it becomes obvious that young Mikey likes it. Death, that is, not Life.

Zombie keeps the suspense high, and the gore ... medium rare, I would say. Sure, I miss Jamie Lee Curtis, but hey, it’s Gen X’s turn to tell the story, and Zombie adds a lot of cool 1970’s rock to his soundtrack. The first scene of the film is set to “God of Thunder” by KISS, followed by Peter Frampton, some Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, probably all the classic rock that was shaping young Zombie’s mind while he was digging on all the slasher flicks as a teenager.

As a twenty-something, Mike Meyers is truly scary (and tall), looking like a member of Slipknot, and sporting some pretty scary masks. Spooky, bloody and very cool for the real halloween season.

Five Stars



Hollywood’s newest action hero Jason Statham stars as Jack Crawford, an FBI agent whose partner and his family are brutally murdered by the infamous assassin known as Rogue (Jet Li). Crawford sets out for revenge, but Rogue remains elusive until several years later when he resurfaces to ignite a bloody turf war between Chinese mob leader Chang and Japanese Yakuza boss Shiro.

All out war ensues, as Rogue works both factions against each other, in a series of murders that have both sides, as well as the FBI wondering just what the motive behind the slaughters really is. It’s an action packed adventure that may have Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise worrying about their status as Hollyweird’s number one and two box office action heroes.

Four Stars

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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