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GRITZ Movie Review: Hancock Dominates Independence Day

Posted: Jul 07, 2008

What is it about Will Smith and 4th of July blockbusters? From Independence Day to Men in Black (one and two) and I Am Legend, Will is the king of the fourth. With Hancock, he will no doubt add to that legacy.

As Hancock the reluctant (and alcoholic) super hero, Smith blends comedy with action to create a whole new comic hero in a summer dominated by comic book heroes.

Jason Bateman is great as Ray, a public relations pro who decides to make Hancock his personal challenge. Charlize Theron is equally great as Ray’s wife with a secret, Mary.

Ray helps Hancock clean up, get off the booze, and win over the public as a real, true to life hero. The transition is kind of My Fair Lady kind of thing.

Lots of action, lots of stuff destroyed, lots of heroics and a very cool ending.


-Michael Buffalo Smith

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sarasmile says...

We went to see it Sunday. I liked it, especially when the wife turns into a supergirl.

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