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GRITZ Movie Review: Captivity

Posted: Jul 19, 2007

I guess it’s true what they say. If a new, fresh idea comes along and hits big, you can expect to see a dozen clones in the next couple of years. With the success of the Saw  franchise, there have been several copy cats already, but none lamer than Captivity, which even used it’s Friday the 13th release date to confuse the public, many of whom thought it was a sequel to the old Mike Meyers movies.

Elisha Cuthbert stars as Jennifer Tree, a top fashion model who ends up being captured and tortured by someone with a sick, depraved mind (like Jigsaw?) Very predictable “twists” that are somewhat boring after seeing what can be done with the same premise in Saw. Oh, and I figured out the “big secret” halfway through the film.

Mostly a vehicle filled with sick, Hostel-like scenes, this one left me with an overwhelming feeling of deja vu, and yawning as I made my way to the exit.

One Half Star



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