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Great Days Indeed: Chris Hicks, The Boyer Benefits and a Shot of Whiskey

Posted: Apr 23, 2007

What a great three weeks it has been.

First, there was the first Scott Boyer Benefit down in Muscle Shoals. Then the next week, it was on the road to Georgia with The Marshall Tucker Band, and then last week I was in Birmingham for the second Scott Boyer Benefit. During these past weeks I have been blessed to visit with dozens upon dozens of old friends and new ones, listen to some of the best music ever created, and have great conversations with some of my all time favorite players. It’s good to be the Gritzman.

Reflecting back, I was just thinking of the great introduction that Alan Walden delivered for The Marshall Tucker Band in Macon the night after they played in Athens. He sang the praises of the original MTB and tipped his hat to the current hard working band. He spoke highly of Chris “The Hit Man” Hicks, whom Walden has always staunchly supported. In fact, it was a much-deserved evening of kudos for Hicks, as lead singer Doug Gray handed over the reigns to Hicks time after time, featuring him of tracks from his excellent upcoming solo album, Dog Eat Dog World. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one folks, it’s a keeper. Hicks is an amazing talent. If you don't already have his music, by all means, buy it.

Both of the Boyer Benefit’s were just amazing, as reported in my previous blogs, and it was just a real joy to finally meet Tommy Talton, Johnny and Ann Sandlin, Gregg Allman and so many of the others face to face. I mean, e-mail is cool and phone calls too, but there ain’t nothin’ like face to face. Of course, making new friends like Dave and Peggy Peck and their video crew is real special to me as well.

All of this and Volunteer Jam coming this weekend. Hey, I get to see “The Hit Man” shred on guitar again. Life is good. See you on the road. Coming soon: The Great Southern Rock Trivia Quiz.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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