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Getting to Know The Crowes

Posted: Mar 13, 2008

Somehow I missed the first coming of The Black Crowes. The Atlanta boys hit the scene during a time when I was knee deep in The Allman Brothers Band, and wasn't listening to much else. Sure I was aware of their hits and I loved songs like "Remedy," "She Talks to Angels," and their cover of "Hard to Handle." But truthfully, I had never really explored their music until Swampland's own James Calemine turned me onto them last year.

Since then, I have managed to aquire all of their commercial albums, including the awesome recordings they did with Jimmy Page. It has been like discovering something fresh, new, and exciting.

I just received their new album Warpaint, and it cooks. James has written the definitive review of the album, posted on Mystery & Manners. I know everyone knows the big hits but if you like serious Southern flavored rock and roll and you aren't already a fan, I recommend you check out the Black Crowes new album as well as dig into the back catalog. This is the good stuff.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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rebyll says...

I have always liked the Crows since I first heard "She Talks to Angels". I rushed out and bought their first 2 CD's "Shake Your Moneymaker" & "The Southern Music & Harmony Companion".... and have enjoyed them ever since. Their 3rd release "Amorica" wasn't as impressive to me as the first two. So I kinda lost interest in them. But if Buff recommends "Warpaint", I might have to give it a spin!!!!!!! rebyll

outlawcountry says...

I like Black Crowes but never considered them southern rock. They were more of a jam band but much much better than that crap like Blues Traveler and Moe. That being said War Paint really does rock.

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