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FX's Justified Leads Elmore Leonard To Release New And Old Books About Raylan Givens

Posted: Jan 18, 2012

Swampland reviewed Elmore Leonard's fine short story collection When the Women Come Out To Dance last year.   The collection has been reissued this week with the new title of Fire In The Hole taken from one of its stories.   That particular story became the basis for the successful FX series Justified which is built around Leonard's character of US Marshall Raylan Givens.   Justified starts its third season this week.

Leonard's publisher also reissued Pronto and Riding The Rap which also feature the character of Raylan Givens.  To top it all off, Leonard released a new novel about this same character named Raylan.  There is now plenty of available books to follow the exploits of this sharpshooting, crime fighting, Harlan County, Kentucky native.

Those that have read his writing over the years won't be surprised to see one of Leonard's smaller literary characters emerge as Raylan has.  Justified remains one of the best shows on television in part due to Leonard staying involved as an executive producer.

Whether you're diving into one of his books or catching up on Justified, you will be treated to some masterful storytelling and unforgettable characters.

Swampland Review: When the Women Come Out To Dance


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