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For The Record: Delaney Bramlett's Songwriting Partners

Posted: Jan 15, 2009

With the recent death of Delaney Bramlett the internet was literally flooded with announcements and articles on Delaney and his amazing catalog of original songs. While Delaney wrote many a song by himself, he was a consumate collaborator as well. Numerous songs were co-written with former wife and musical partner Bonnie Bramlett, as well as with folks like Leon Russell and Dave Mason.

Sadly, a lot of Delaney's songwriting remains uncredited. It was, after all, the sixties, and the music history books are filled with stories of artists not being given their due,even having songs stolen, or being tricked by corporate suits who so often mislead the young and talented musicians.

Delaney was a conduit that connected musicians from both coasts and all points in between.  Those fortunate enough to work with him have nothing but fond memories of their time with a man many called a musical genius.

"Delaney and Bonnie were very talented and imaginative. Talk about a guy with a facility. He was just able to translate his thoughts into sound."  -John Hammond

",,,once you meet Delaney it’s like you have known him all your life. We hit it off extremely well and we talked on the phone and I had him on my radio show  and got to know him even more and worked with him in the studio on a CD that has not come out yet. Then we wrote a gospel song that is going to be on a later project. Then I went out and spent some time on the ranch with him ...

He is like a mentor. God gave him a great gift of teaching people and encouraging people. He is a great guitarist and writer and God gave him a gift. You may not think you are real good, and he will find something in you and he will bring it out of you. He is one of the most comfortable producers I have been around. To watch him work the board is amazing. He learned from Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler. I have never seen a guy work like that on the board. It is almost like he is playing it, and he works those faders - it’s amazing. I think God put him in my path for a reason and I am thankful for that." - Greg Martin

There are 296 songs credited to Delaney in the BMI archives. A massive body of work by any standards, and some of the best music ever played or recorded. Whether writing alone or with others, Delaney was one of the best ever. We are really going to miss him.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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deltablue says...

He was the best. One of a kind.

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