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Folkstreams-The Land Where The Blues Began

Posted: Feb 20, 2007


Folkstreams.net encapsulates many great films based on blues in the south. Folklorist Alan Lomax traveled to the Mississippi Delta in the 1930s and 1940s to record and preserve the work of great blues artists. Lomax recorded Leadbelly, Fred McDowell, Muddy Waters, The Georgia Sea Island Singers, Lonnie & Ed young, The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers, and many others.

The Land Where The Blues Began was produced by The Mississippi Authority for Educational Television and Alan Lomax. The film is narrated by Lomax. His book of the same title won the 1993 National Book Critics Award for nonfiction. Other great films available on this site include Gravel Springs, Give My Poor Heart Ease, Gandy Dancers, and Born For Hard Luck.   James Calemine

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