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Fishing Camps & Gator Hunting

Posted: Sep 07, 2009

Fishing Camps & Gator Hunting In South Georgia

Today I conducted another interview with my old friend Michael Gowen, proprietor of Southeast Adventure Outfitters on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Michael gave me an update on his ever-expanding business where folks can kayak, camp and fish around the remote environs of coastal Georgia.

I will have the complete interview up within a couple of days where Gowen reveals the upcoming kayak fishing, fishing camps, tours and a new location off the coast they obtained for remote camping and sight-seeing he will begin generating for business in the next month. We also visited Michael’s father, Dr. Jim Gowen, who last week killed (legally) a ten-foot seven inch alligator that weighed 400 pounds. I also interviewed Dr. Gowen and his friend who actually spearheaded the gator hunt, and it’s an interesting story worth hearing. For now, here’s the photo of the monster…

James Calemine

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