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Diggin' The Fiddleworms

Posted: Aug 24, 2008

Sometimes I just love my job. Especially when I get to hear music that is so fresh it makes me run to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face just to make sure I ain't dreaming.

Dick Cooper sent me the newest masterwork by Muscle Shoals band The Fiddleworms, and boy howdy, it made my weekend.

The album is packed with the good stuff from beginning to end. Check out my review here, and watch the You Tube video of the band below. Oh, and don't forget Sonny Edward's archived up close and personal interview with the band here.

Dig the Worms.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


"When (guitarist/vocalist) Russell Mefford was a kid, he thought the platform-wearing, tongue-wagging members of KISS were like superheros. Not only that, they came bearing gifts, temporary tattoos. 'Every record that you bought from them, you got something from them,' he said. Mefford is lead guitarist and vocalist for Shoals band, The Fiddleworms, which satisfies their fans with T-shirts and stickers. Thanks to Gene, Peter, Ace and Paul, they also included temporary tattoos inside of their last CD."

-Drive By Truckers Blog

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jimmyjams says...

Never heard of these guys Buffalo, but if you dig them I will buy the Cd. Must be good.

copperhead says...

OK That was cool. Fresh good music. I just got Mark Shelly's nine pound hammer. Its just good stuff and jamie johnsons new cd is the best country CD I have heard in a while. Its good to hear these new bands being about music. I love this The Fiddleworms have it going on. As the Allmans would say. Hitting the nore. Need to splash more water. Buff has the stuff

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