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Devon Allman Talks About His Band, His Dad, and Uncle Duane

Posted: Aug 24, 2009

Devon Allman is bearing his soul at last.

After years of self-described "running from his heritage," he is happy and healthy and proud to be the son of Southern Rock legend Gregg Allman. It might not have always been that way, but it certainly is now. We caught up with Devon during his band’s tour out west by way of cell phone to talk about life, music, and legacy.

Check out the interview here.

Keep it Real. Kep it Southern.


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copperhead says...

Devon rocks. Will the bootleg ever be re-released? Love your music. Look forward to the new CD

Ironman says...

Honeytribe rocks. Great interview and enlightening.

tuckerhead says...

Great interview Buffalo. Sounds like a great kid.

BigDaveOnBass says...

Thanks for the great article, Buffalo! Devon is a fine human being and is doing music his way. I'm proud to know and support him. Rock on, Dev!

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