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DETILLIER REPORT - North Carolina NFL Draft prospects

Posted: Feb 14, 2007

North Carolina's top college prospects:

NC State - Even after losing Mario Williams in last year's draft, the Wolfpack still has some excellent prospects on the lines.

Leroy Harris center/guard is smart and versatile, a good run and pass blocker and an excellent technician. I project Harris as a mid-second round pick.

Demarcus Tyler, defensive tackle -- 6-1, 310 lbs. Last year all the ink went to Manny Lawson and Mario Williams but Tyler has done one heck of a job also manning that inside play for NC State. Tyler is a tough guy to move off center. a hard working guy.

AJ Davis wil be a late round selection. Davis returned punts and kicks and is an outstanding track athlete. He did a great job in individual workouts. That's what the second season is all about.

UNC - Has a lot of late round selections.

Larry Edwards, outside linebacker, started as a true freshman and at 6-0, 225 lbs runs the field well. Edwards has a good work ethic, is smart and has good instincts. He played the strong side at UNC.

Shelton Bynum, defensive tackle, 6-4, 295 lbs. A developmental player, holds ground well, decent pass rusher and stands up and plays the run well.

Ronnie McGill, backup back, tough hard nosed kid, tweener who can play fullback in some systems, hard to bring down in the open field, can block well.

Butch Davis has talent coming back but his strength is his recruiting. His Miami teams had 7 to 9 players in the draft every year. He's going to have to recruit against some tough coaches with Spurrier, Tommy Bowden, Phil Fulmer to the west of you. Bobby Bowden recruits very well in that area. Nick Saban will recruit in that area as well. Butch is one of the top recruiters in this game.

Other notable North Carolina prospects:

Josh Gattis, Free Safety - Wake Forest
Jon Abbate, Inside Linebacker - Wake Forest
Steve Vallos, Offensive Guard - Wake Forest

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