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Posted: Aug 14, 2007

The 30 year anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death falls on August 16, 2007. Like it or not, Elvis ranks as a southern icon. Elvis changed the way people looked at music the way Ted Turner changed the way people look at TV.

Anyone under 42 years old really can’t grasp the significance of Elvis’ influence. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis rose from the ashes of poverty to international stardom. He resonated with the masses—his humor, looks, taste in music and recording at Sun Records contributed to his indelible print on not only the south, but The World….

Who else to tell the story about Elvis’ death other than Stanley Booth? Booth lived in Memphis for 25 years. He wrote the first serious music essay on Elvis for Esquire in 1967. Dewey Phillips—the man who discovered Elvis—once overdosed Booth on Darvon at Graceland.

For Booth’s first Swampland article, The King Is Dead! Hang The Doctor!--written in 1980--provides a harrowing glimpse into the life of George Nichopoulos, the doctor accused by many of killing Elvis. This gritty article reveals a stark glimpse into the dark truths surrounding the death of Elvis Presley. 

James Calemine

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