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Daddy Was a Southern Rocker

Posted: Dec 15, 2006

Paul Thorn has a great song called "Give Them Their Roses While They're Here." A truer thought has never been voiced in song.

This afternoon I was blindsided. Since my merger with Swampland Media, I have literlly been having the time of my life. Writing, visiting Nashville, making great plans for the future. I have never felt better about GRITZ and my role in the whole scheme of things. I guess that's why I was taken aback when I got the call from my wife telling me that my Daddy had passed away.

Dad had been going downhill for the past year, so I can in no way say that it was a complete surprise. He had been suffering from alzheimers as well. I knew the day was coming soon. What I didn't know was just how hard it was going to be when it hit me

Tonight I have been thinking a lot about my Dad. We didn't have a lot growing up, but he sure did try hard to make a life for the family. What I like to recall are the fun times, like the six or so cross country trips we took in the '60's and '70's to San Jose, California to vacation with his Mom and Dad and extended family. Great fun for sure, and what a road education.

I like to remember Daddy's efforts to get into the music I was listening to. He turned me onto Cash, who ended up being a real hero of mine. I played him Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple...Then when the Southern Rock movement hit, he and I really bonded musically. He loved The Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker, and especially Charlie Daniels. It was music that bridged the proverbial generation gap. A few years ago, when I started meeting a lot of the musicians I had idolized in high school, Dad was really excited. I would tell him about Dickey Betts, Doug Gray and Charlie Daniels. I'd take him personally autographed photos, CDs and such, which he loved.

I know Dad is in a better place now. Pain free, and flying with the free birds. I love you Dad. I'll always remember the good times.


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BigD says...

Brother B, I didn't know. My sincere condolences. My dad passed away suddenly back in 1988. It was unexpected, and a huge shock. He was the man that had introduced me to music. I used to sit in our front room, and listen as his barbershop quartet would rehearse. It's where I learned about harmonies and vocal techniques. He also taught me how to play my very first instrument...and accordion.

May you always have fond memories, and keep his spirit alive in your heart!


MikeZ. says...

My deepest sympathies for your loss. Hoping my beliefs are true, and your Daddy has a front row center seat to some of the greatest pickers and singers there ever were !

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