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Country Music Hall of Fame Benefit Tonight - Watch Online

Posted: Oct 13, 2009

Oklahoma's own Vince Gill has been one of Nashville's brightest lights over the last few decades.  He's a top level picker, singer, and songwriter.  He has kept traditional country music alive while also extending its musical boundaries.

In 2005 as the museum board president of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Gill created the "All For The Hall" initiative to raise money for this amazing institution.  Tonight, Gill will play with headliner Keith Urban at Nashville's Sommet Center in an all star benefit concert.

The great thing is that anyone can watch online at Keith Urban's website

We hope everyone enjoys this special event.  Maybe those who are interested can join the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It's only $25.

Country Music Hall of Fame website

Vince Gill Interview




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