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Confessions of a TV Junkie

Posted: Apr 08, 2007

Okay, I’ll admit it. I sometimes spend way too much time sitting on the sofa in front of that infernal technological marvel called the television. I sometimes get sucked into a show before I even know what has happened. Oftentimes sitting here like I am right this moment, on the couch, typing away on my MacBook, drinking an ice cold bottle of Aqua Fina and using the TV as background noise.

Last night I flipped through a few channels and landed on the 1970 classic film, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. If memory serves, it was rated “X” back when it came out. Nowadays, the movie is tame in comparison to some of the flicks I see on a regular basis.

Anyhow, the movie is funny as heck 37 years later. The hair styles, the clothing, the language - it reminds me of my childhood, but in a bizarro way.

One of the cool things about Beyond The Valley of The Dolls is that the soundtrack was performed by The Strawberry Alarm Clock, including their biggest hit “Incense and Peppermints.” The coolest thing is that the band is seen playing live in the movie, and there in living color is a young Ed King, the guitarist who would later become a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was great fun seeing Ed and the rest of the band decked out in matching outfits, playing psychedelic music. I let that co-habitat in my mind with an image of King playing alongside Ronnie Van Zant on The Old Grey Whistle Test, and a third image of King joining yours truly for an acoustic duet at The Winters Brothers Annual Southern Summer Jam a few years back. The mind boggles.

A little later I flipped channels again and watched a little of the Easter celebration with the Pope live from Rome, Italy. Beautiful stuff. When I flipped the channel again, I caught a brief “behind the scenes” special on the new Tarantino-Rodriguez film Grindhouse. There was former Marilyn Manson squeeze Rose McGowan spinning around with a machine gun leg and blowing people away. Very surreal on the heals of the Pope’s Easter program.

Within the following hour, I watched thirty minutes of Blade, fifteen minutes of Click, and about an hour of The Guardian, including the show-stealing scene featuring Bonnie Bramlett. When that went off, I grabbed the remote and hit the off button with all the desperation of a nicotine addict crumbling up and tossing out his last pack of cigarettes.

Yes, there would be no more TV in my life on this Easter-eve. I would get to work on the computer, write a little on my memoirs, a little on my screenplay and some CD reviews for Swampland. But first, I would check my e-mail.

The first mail I got was from a friend who announced to me that there was a new Warren Haynes video on You Tube. Of course,  I had to see it. An hour and several other music videos later, it was midnight and bed time. No writing got done. No research. But I did enjoy some pretty cool stuff on You Tube. There’s this chick on there called “Lonely Girl.” But that’s another story.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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michaelbuffalo says...

Bonnie is indeed the best. I'll get back to you on the Jane Fonda flick...

MickatmidnightHubbard says...

and don't forget Barbarella! MAN! Was she ever that sexy again?? Saw an episode of Roseanne with Bonnie Bramlett in it the other day. She was singin' "You Really Got A Hold On Me" and Smokey can't hold a candle to Bonnie! She's smmmmOKIN'!!

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