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Chuck Leavell's Mother Nature Network

Posted: Sep 25, 2011

 Chuck Leavell's Mother Nature Network

Rolling Stone keyboardist and tree farmer Chuck Leavell started the Mother Nature Network in 2009. This informative site covers Earth Matters, Health, Lifestyle, Green Tech, Eco-Biz & Money, Food & Drink, Your Home and Family content based on a healthier perspective. In my 2009 interview with Leavell he told me this about MNN:

It is The Mother Nature Network. Eventually we’ll be known as MNN.com, that’s what we’re pushing for the website. It’s the brainchild of my partner Joel Babbit. Basically, Joel came to me – Joel and I met through a mutual friend Dan Beason. We had a nice lunch about five years ago. We liked each other’s company. We stayed in touch and then one day I called him because I was looking to get some advice on a project I have called Love of the Land, which will eventually be a television program. Joel helped me with that and we became closer. Then he calls me one day and he told me he wanted me to look at something. He had a power point presentation covering all the Green websites out there.

"Then he said he represented too many different companies, and all of them want this image and they all do truly want to do better for their companies and their employees to be Greener and more eco-friendly, and more energy conscience, but there’s a lack of somewhere to go to get good information. He took me through all the existing sites, and he felt like there was a void where we could provide a valuable service to the general public as well as allowing these companies to have a place to go and tell their story. So, it looked incredible to me when he gave me the presentation. Then I said I think you’re right. I’m out there giving speeches and interacting with politicians on forest policy. I’m sitting on a couple of boards...

Peruse the site daily. It contains a wealth of useful information. I highly recommend it...

James Calemine


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