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Butch Trucks Reflects On 2009 Beacon Run

Posted: May 20, 2009

There's no doubt in my mind that The Allman Brothers Band's 2009 Beacon Run back in March was the Southern Rock event of the year. Put it this way. It would be very hard to upstage that extravaganza. For those of us who still have Bonnie, Bekka and Susan's "The Weight," Cowboy's "Please Be With Me" or Clapton's "Layla" still ringing in their head along with night after night of stellar Brothers performances, it is a good time to stop and reflect. That's why I am posting Butch Trucks' Beacon wrap up video. Butch sums it all up prettry well. Just amazing stuff.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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flashing lights says...

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copperhead says...

Michael, Ant word on a new CD by Dickey. I'm with you its been to long. Everyone thats seen him latly said the shows were great. Also thats for the tip on Rebel Pride . Its a rocking CD. I just ordered the CD of Billy Gibbons night with the brothers. I hear ZZ Top has a new one coming out also.

michaelbuffalo says...

Cool beans. Man, I really want to see Dickey again. Been TOO LONG! Enjoy!

Hulehan says...

Incredible show! I was there Billy Gibbons night. Rock and Roll history. Tonight I'm seeing Dickey and Great Southern at http://www.birchmere.com Keep it Southern. Keep it real.

michaelbuffalo says...

And man was it ever killer! Especially the SECOND night! Woooo!

copperhead says...

I ordered the CDs from Hitting the note . I have been dreaming of Clapton and the Allmans doing Layla and now its a reality

waynep says...

And what a run it was!

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