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Buffalo's Trailer Park

Posted: Aug 23, 2009

Welcome to a new feature called Buffalo's Trailer Park, where you can view movie trailers from upcoming movies that have caught my eye in theaters. Let me know how you like 'em.

Taking Woodstock looks like a good one. It's based on the true story of the folks who put on the Woodstock festival 40 years ago, told as a comedy, 


Alice in Wonderland should be a blast. Tim Burton ones again teams up with Johnny Depp (as The Mad Hatter) in another version of the classic story of Alice's journey down the rabbit hole.


2012 plays on the fear of the world ending that year as foretold by the Mayans. Special effects a plenty.


New Moon is the highly anticipated follow up to the teen-romance-vampire hit Twilight. Hope it doesn't suck.


Surogates looks like a fun sci-fi romp. You can just chill and let your robot do all the work, while you enjoy all the pleasures. Remember what they say about "things that sound too good to be true." 



The Wolfman

Well, I wanted to feature the trailer from this cool looking update on the classic Lon Chaney flick, but it seems the powers that be at the studio have disabled embedding, which simply means I cannot post it to my blog. Maybe it's because the trailer just launched in theaters this weekend. So maybe later. I hope you enjoy our new previews.See y'all tomorrow.

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tuckerhead says...

The Woodstock movie should be awesome.

michaelbuffalo says...

I think so too Matt!

Matt Caron says...

The Alice in Wonderland trailer looks awesome

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