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Buffalo's This Week in Movies, September 15th, 2009: Sorority Row; 9; I Can Do Bad

Posted: Sep 15, 2009

The original title of the screenplay was “Seven Sisters,” which I like better, but I suppose it wasn’t creepy sounding enough. Rumer Willis, daughter of action star Bruce Willis and hottie cradle robber Demi Moore stars in this story of death and, well, more death.

The sorority sisters punk this dude because he has been cheating on his girl. She pretends to upchuck and die during sex, after he thinks he has given her the date rape drug, which was actually a placebo. He is freaking out and the sisters tell him they need to dispose of the body and agree never to tell what happened. Of course, he, being a moron, sticks a tire tool into her supposedly dead chest to get the air out of her lungs before dropping her in the lake. Now she really is dead, boob job and all. The plot thickens.

All of the sisters begin to die one by one. Is it the dead chick’s revenge> Probably not, but it makes a good story. Then the dorm mother shows up, packing heat. “Dirty Carrie” Fisher - who has not aged well since her Princess Leigh days- is still a fine actress, and goes about chasing down the phantom killer in the hooded graduation gown with a pump action automatic shotgun.

It’s a typical teen scream flick, but there’s a great deal of fun tossed in. Reminiscent of “The Faculty” in it’s gags. Oh, and for all the pervs, there’s plenty of young, half nekkid babes. Four Stars.

When I first saw the previews of 9 a few months ago, the first thing I thought was “PLEASE don’t let this be a 3-D movie! I HATE 3-D movies!” The second thing was, these characters look like sock puppets.

Wellsir, it was not 3-D, and yes, 9 and his eight pals do look a bit like sock puppets, if you wear burlap socks that is. But they are much more. They are the creation of a scientific genius who actually put his very soul into them to give them life just before the “machines” took over the planet and eliminated all life.

It’s a really fun movie, and even though it is animated, I am not so sure it is for small kids. A four and a half star movie.

I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF is the latest from comedian/writer/director Tyler Perry. His character Medea returns again in all her badass glory to provide comic relief amidst the seriousness of the storyline. Drugs, domestic abuse, and all the usual demons are present in this story of family coming together with the help of kind strangers and the good Lord.

Great acting and absolutely marvelous music. Gladys Knight sings two songs in the church, as does Mary J. Bliege. Old school R&B, the stuff I love. Oh and Marvin Winans is great as the pastor, and boy howdy can he belt out a tune. I felt like I was in church right there in the movie theater! Five Stars all the way.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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ramrod says...

Rumor Willis is hot like her mama!

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