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Buffalo's This Week in Movies, March 16th, 2009

Posted: Mar 16, 2009

I’ve been so wrapped up in Allmania this past week that I nearly forgot to toss out my humble opinion on the current movies I have been enjoying.

This week saw the opening of Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain, staring former pro-wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a Vegas cab driver with a sorted past who ends up carrying two kids - aliens actually, who look like kids - to Witch Mountain to retrieve their space ship that crash landed on Earth and was apprehended by the men in black. These same men want the kids to dissect them and find out why they have all these supernatural powers. The deal is, they are here on a peaceful mission that could save their planet and help ours, but our government operatives, like theirs, had rather do everything through violence. Hawks vs, doves, ya know. Meanwhile, one bad alien bounty hunter is chasing The Rock and his passengers all over the desert trying to kill them. All of this, a sci-fi convention, and one cool junkyard dog make for a really pleasant and downright fun movie for the whole family.  I liked it. Four Stars.

I read The Watchmen graphic novel 15 or so years ago, and even then there was talk of a movie. Only thing is, 15 years ago, they could have never made it work. Now, it comes very close to the novel. Not perfect by any means, but it does have the superheroes, who are kind of unlike any other superheores. Some are lacking self confidence, some are evil, some are downright nuts. And then there’s Dr. Manhattan, the shiny blue man who speaks like Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey.  Loads of real violence, armageddon, scenes on Mars, sex scenes between superheoroes, and Richard Nixon into his sixth term as President are all just minimal parts of a complex and entertaining story line. If you’re looking for another Iron Man look again. If you want a totally different and somewhat bizarre kind of super hero world, bingo. Four Stars.

Madea Goes To Jail, the latest Tyler Perry film, had me laughing so hard I thought I would cry. His characters, especially Madea, played in drag by Perry himself, crack me up. Of course, there is also a thought provoking serious story line here as well, but it is the humor that gets me. Now, Perry is being called out by the black community who are accusing him of using racial stereotypes, while he himself says the characters are nothing more than people from his childhood. C’mon folks, it’s just comedy. Like Richard Pryor in the seventies, Eddie Murphy in the eighties. Hilarious characters from African American life. And all done with love by a man who obviously loves his heritage. A great film. Four Stars.

That’s it for now. Back to the Allman Brothers!
Keep it Real. Keep it Southern, y’all.

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coconut1955 says...

Took the kids to Witch Mt yesterday- the movie, not the actual mountain. Very good.

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